Dental treatments have become very expensive, and that is why more and more dentistry patients are deciding to shift their dental treatment to Hungary. The vastly more affordable costs are not the only things responsible for this; the medical progress and first-class dental treatment likewise speak for a dental treatment in Hungary. In 2011, Dr. Schreiner founded the dental clinic in Hungary with the goal of offering the best possible dental care for patients from abroad.

It will definitely be at the forefront of thought for those who decide to relocate their dental treatment to Hungary. Fears and worries are certainly daily fare for many patients. In the Dental Clinic of Hungary, however, you are in very good hands – and the clinic’s team has many years of professional experience at their disposal. We are sure that you will leave the Dental Clinic of Hungary with a beautiful, white, and above all a healthy smile. Before we begin with the dental treatment, a preliminary examination will take place in our modern clinic. By means of a panoramic X-ray, the treating dentist will obtain an overview of the health status of your teeth. Using the X-rays, a detailed treatment and cost plan can then be created.

Whether it’s a bleaching, braces, or a tooth replacement, you’ll be met with the complete spectrum of services of modern dentistry at the Dental Clinic of Hungary. The team will provide you with attentive support and is happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks to the bright treatment rooms and the friendliness of our employees, your stay in the Dental Clinic of Hungary will make for a positive memory. In addition to the high-quality dental treatment and the affordable prices, you’ll also love the pain-free dental treatment.

Should you be interested in a dental treatment in Hungary, we would be very happy to hear from you. We will be more than happy to see to the complete scheduling of your journey, and will also provide you with affordable accommodation options. We have treated numerous patients from Austria since our founding, and we have been able to already develop a large and satisfied pool of regular customers. We would be very glad if you, too, would soon be among our patients. To be sure, we have already superseded European dental standards in many areas.

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