All-ceramic Crowns

Once a tooth loss occurs, rapidly closing the tooth gap isn’t the only thing that should be taken care of. Under no circumstances should aesthetic requirements be forgotten when doing so. All-ceramic crowns have the benefit of doing without a reinforcing metal framework and thus can be distinguished from natural teeth (even by dentists) on first sight.


In comparison to a metal ceramic crown, a crown made of pure ceramic is vastly more lifelike. In addition to the numerous advantages, at this point it should still be referred to that all-ceramic crowns are very fracture-prone. For this reason, crowns made of all-ceramic are primarily used in the front area. Luckily, however, massive progress has been made in the manufacture of all-ceramic crowns in recent years. Thus, as of now we can also recommend crowns made of ceramic in the lateral tooth area with a clear conscience.


The material used isn’t the only thing playing an important role in making a perfect integration of artificial crowns possible. The dental technician’s mechanical craft is enormously important in making sure you’re also satisfied with end result. That is why we have the best dental technicians on our side in our dental clinic, and can guarantee you a perfect result.

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