All-ceramic Implants

Searching for an alternative to a titanium implant? Then our all-ceramic implants are definitely just the right decision. These are very high-quality and long-lasting tooth replacements produced using zirconium oxide. Today, tooth implants are frequently produced using titanium. However, countless studies have proven that this material also has some drawbacks. In particular, when titanium implants are to be used in the front area, a rather thin mucous member may cause the gray metal to shine through. With an all-ceramic implant, on the other hand, you don’t need to worry or wonder, since these implants are produced using a white material.

No allergic reactions

The all-ceramic implants do have one further benefit however, since the zirconium oxide implants are free of any metals and thus offer a very good tolerance. With all of these benefits, we nevertheless do also want to call your attention to the drawbacks. The implants are admittedly convincing with a very beautiful aesthetic and a good tolerance, but unfortunately the all-ceramic implants are also very expensive. Since there still are not any long-term studies with implants made of all-ceramic, this aspect should also be taken into account. We are nevertheless more than happy to consult with you on the various forms of implants, and guarantee you a dental treatment at the highest level.

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