Complete Reconstruction

Even with the most thorough and intensive dental hygiene, dental disease can happen and a tooth loss can occur. If multiple teeth fall out, under no circumstances should you delay further – get dental treatment immediately. In our dental clinic, we greet patients in a pleasant and modern ambiance and offer dental treatment at the highest level. After a complete reconstruction, you’ll leave the clinic with a hearty smile and once again be able to bite at full strength.


Patients that have strict time limitations are certainly well-advised with a complete reconstruction. Treatment takes place on few days, but with longer sessions. A full reconstruction is a highly comprehensive dental treatment in which the rudimentary dentition is usually replaced by a dental prosthesis (full prosthesis or removable dentures). Since multiple treatment steps are carried out in one session, anesthesia is also a very important topic. At our clinic a full reconstruction is only carried out with anesthesia, so the dental treatment doesn’t cause you any pain.


If the health of the teeth is already heavily affected, a full reconstruction is assuredly the last resort. We, the Dental Clinic of Hungary team, are happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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