Dental Implants Without Bone Reconstruction

Over the course of numerous advancements in the field of dental medicine and progressive scientific research, it’s possible to offer dental implants without bone reconstruction. Dental implantology has improved considerably in recent years, and thus a dental replacement can now be prepared that strongly resembles natural teeth.


In our dental clinic, we haven’t needed to exclusively rely on the known, classic cylinder and screw implants for some years now. With the new hollow cylinder implants, we can offer an implant that gets by completely free of bone reconstruction.


Under a local anesthesia, we produce the dental implants without bone reconstruction and incorporate them into the tooth gaps. Probably the most noticeable difference with this procedure is the fact that it uses another drill type. The patient themselves won’t notice the difference, and the dental treatment is completely pain-free in light of the local anesthesia.


Implants without bone reconstruction are thus applied without a sinus lift. This also shortens the healing time, which naturally is of benefit for the patient themselves. The waiting time for the new dentition is also shortened enormously. From a cosmetic point of view, there is no discernible difference between a hollow cylinder implant and a standard implant.

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