Dental Implants

In our Dental Clinic of Hungary, we can offer you an immense selection of modern, reliable dental implants. Our dentists naturally have all of the necessary experience working with the various implants. With us, you’ll receive dental implants at very fair prices and leave the clinic with white, healthy smile.

The costs

The cost factor is definitely one of the reasons why more and more patients are deciding on dental treatment abroad. The final decision certainly isn’t very easy, however, since there are always certain fears and worries. In our dental clinic, however, we can guarantee that you will enjoy a dental treatment at a very high, European standard. The precise costs can only be shared after a preliminary examination, because the dental treatment is different from patient to patient. If an extraction is necessary or a bone reconstruction needs to be conducted, all of these circumstances will naturally play an essential role in the pricing.

Dental implants from Hungary

The implants are produced using all kinds of materials, and will win you over with a very long durability. Of course, our dentists will also make sure that the implant visually resembles your natural, still present teeth and thus is not conspicuous. After the successful dental treatment, you’ll be able to bite without limitations again.

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