Dental Prosthesis

Teeth can contract diseases despite intensive dental hygiene. In case of a caries attack, teeth will need to be treated and fillings or a dental prosthesis will become a necessity. Which treatment methods are applied depend on how much dental substance is affected and which requirements the patient sets themselves. Whether crowns, bridges, or inlays, our expert dentists will be more than happy to consult with you.

Missing teeth and rows of teeth

In the Dental Clinic of Hungary, we’ve treated patients who are already missing teeth for many years. Tooth gaps are seen as a beauty flaw, especially in the front area. In such cases a tooth replacement should be seen to quickly, and not just for visual reasons. Missing teeth also mean that the correct chewing and biting function isn’t present, and also that speaking is influenced in some cases. If the tooth gap isn’t treated and closed, a change in tooth position can occur and thus cause further discomfort.

Dentures in Hungary

Our dental clinic is one of the largest and most renowned within Hungary. We’ve mainly treated patients from abroad for many years. Thanks to outstanding planning and organization, a stay in our clinic will be a very pleasant one for you. Whether it’s a dental replacement or other dental treatments, you’ve come to the right place with us.

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