Fixed Dentures

Tooth loss can occur again and again, for a variety of reasons. Chewing function is not the only thing that suffers in the process, but also appearance, and thus one’s own wellbeing is negatively affected. A set of fixed dentures is arguably the most simple and the most aesthetically challenging solution in such cases. A single tooth is replaced with an implant, and a bridge provides restoration for a missing row of teeth.


You are good hands in the Dental Clinic of Hungary

For years, our dental clinic has stood for quality, competence, and affordable prices. Fixed dentures offer a variety of benefits. The teeth are firmly anchored, and an incredibly long durability (up to 20 year) is also ensured in many cases. Appearance is also always a focus of the treating dentist during dental treatment.


Fixed dentures – excellent chewing and biting function

After the loss of a tooth, the gap should be closed as rapidly as possible. In our dental clinic in Hungary, we offer a variety of options to replace missing teeth, or even rows of teeth. Whether with an implant, a crown, or with a bridge, our expert dentists will be more than happy to consult with you.

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