Immediate Implants

In case of a tooth loss, immediate implants are a good alternative in rare cases to quickly and effectively replace the missing teeth. Very attractive benefits are offered with computer scheduling and immediate loading. Nevertheless, these implants can only be taken into consideration in very rare cases.


The time factor – an essential benefit

In our dental clinic in Hungary, patients always ask us whether immediate implants make sense. In any case, under certain circumstances. However, there should not be any tooth swelling present and gum may not be damaged when removing the tooth. Our expert and well-trained dentists will nevertheless be more than happy to consult with you.


Immediate implants in two sessions

If the requirements are met and an immediate implant can be applied, you only need to go through two dental treatment appointments. In the first session, the teeth will be removed and the treating dentist will apply a temporary prosthesis immediately. After a healing phase of around 6 months, the permanent tooth implant will then be applied.

Are you a smoker, diabetic, or do you grind your teeth? In these cases, immediate implants unfortunately cannot be applied. However, we guarantee you an appealing and likewise satisfactory solution. We can offer you a variety of options for a high-quality and long-lasting tooth replacement.

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