Metal Ceramic Crowns

In light of affordable prices, metal ceramic crowns are a very good choice for many dentistry patients. However, everyone should be aware that the metals can release and lead to an allergic reaction. For this reason, we use metal crowns exclusively in our dental clinic, which was produced from a nickel-free metal composition.


If patients suffer from a cobalt or nickel allergy, doctors should turn to a precious metal. Our dentists have worked with crowns made of metal ceramic for many years now, and thus our patients can rely on the dentists’ experience. Your treating dentist will discuss whether a metal ceramic crown is possible and makes sense in your special case with you personally.


The metal ceramic crowns are definitely among the most inexpensive versions of a denture, and thus the increased demand is not that surprising. However we guarantee you not just a very good price; your aesthetic requirements and preferences will also be fulfilled with us to the greatest extent. Make an appointment for a preliminary examination and get a non-binding offer. We’re already looking forward to hearing form you, and are glad that you’re interested in our metal ceramic crowns.

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