Metal-Free Crown Bridge

Tooth loss can occur again and again due to injuries, tooth decay, or periodontitis. This has a negative influence not just on appearance, but also on wellbeing and health. In our dental clinic, we can provide you with custom prosthetics than can help you reacquire optimal chewing and biting function. Whether a full or partial prosthesis, crowns or bridges, there is an appealing solution for every tooth gap. The metal-free crown bridge provides an increase in quality of life and is also very well-tolerated.

Bridge made of zircon

A bridge made of zircon offers, with certainty, the best and highest quality solution. The material is not just free of any metals, it is also very robust and stable. Based on these facts, zircon is often the first choice when it comes to metal-free crown bridge. Manufacture itself takes place with the help of modern computer technologies and, naturally, a perfect adjustment (visually) is very simple and easy.

A good hold and the right size are important so that no inflammation occurs later. You can rely on the experience of our dentists any time, because the preparation and adjustment of a metal-free crown bridge is one of our specialist services that we have already provided for many years.

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