Metal-Free Dentures

Due to the immense advancement of dental medicine in recent years, very lifelike dentures can new be produced. Naturally, we can also provide you with this form of dentures. A metal-free denture can already be used for small aesthetic dentition faults, or for larger tooth restorations.


Metal-free dentures, naturally, do not contain any metal and thus are completely excluded from allergic reactions. Another positive benefit is that the dentures can be 100% adjusted to the respective tooth color.


A denture without metal is produced from all-ceramic or ceramic. All-ceramic crowns are usually used in the front area, and occasionally in the side area as well. Construction takes place very similarly to that of a real tooth, in multiple layers, and thus can also be very well adjusted to the tooth color. The highest diligence is required of the dental technician and the dentist for production. In our dental clinic in Hungary, you can rely on the fact that quality and aesthetics will always be paid the closest attention.


If a metal-free denture is your only option and you also want to get an affordable price, you’re in the best hands in our clinic in Hungary.

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