The fields of orthodontics and straightening teeth are gaining more and more in importance in modern dental medicine. The specialist field of orthodontics is used when an abnormal development or, through a dental disease, a tooth displacement occurs. This displacement not only influences chewing and biting function; aesthetics naturally also play a fundamental role. In our dental clinic, we have specialized in the correction of tooth displacements and can provide you with gentle and sophisticated approaches.


Several years ago, braces would still be prescribed for a tooth displacement. Since wearing braces is necessary for a longer period of time to correct a displacement, the time needed is of course a negative factor. Needless to say, straightening teeth has not completely disappeared from dentists’ range of services, but in some cases orthodontics are the preferable and more simple solution. Due to many years of experience and the use of modern assistive equipment and technology, an orthodontic procedure at our Dental Clinic of Hungary is in no case painful. At this point it should still be said that it was an is a misconception that orthodontic measures can only be carried out at a certain age.

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