Removable Dentures

Once a patient has so many teeth that a set of fixed dentures is no longer a possibility, the last resort is, for better or worse, a set of removable dentures. This form of dentures is also colloquially referred to as a prosthesis. In addition to the enormous cost benefit in comparison to a set of fixed dentures, there is also the fact that cleaning and maintenance is utterly straightforward. We offer all forms of prostheses (full or partial prostheses) in our dental clinic. Although dental medicine has already made great progress, a set of removable dentures will still never feel like a natural set of teeth.


When it comes to the area of aesthetics, however, you don’t have to accept any downgrades. Whether you require a partial or full prosthesis, it will chiefly address the health of the still available teeth. With the help of gnathological treatment, it is possible for our dentists to conduct a precise measurement and further positioning of the prosthesis.


To make sure your stay in our dental clinic is as short and pleasant as possible, the removable dentures are prepared in our own dental laboratory. That way, slight changes can be carried out directly on site. You’ll leave our dental clinic with a new and visually appealing set of dentures in minimum time.

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