Albrecht Krause

I was impressed with all the modern equipment the moment I walked in. The doctors made me feel at ease and I did not have that discomfort feeling I usually had when going to a dentist. My work was finished after just one appointment, I am very satisfied with the results and the after care as well.

Scotty Hamilton

I was always looking at other people’s teeth, comparing my own and feeling really self-conscious. My teeth made me feel bad talking to my customers at work and they affected my social life too. Now, when I look at pictures from before, I realise they were not very nice. There’s a huge difference between smiling at someone and really smiling and now I know I am really smiling because I’m not self-conscious anymore.

Kimberly Hermann

Since having my procedure done, I am so confident about my smile and I am no longer self conscious about what somebody might think or say about my teeth. I am really satisfied and happy that I got this procedure done. Thank you.

Dennis Blau

Thank you so much for the miraculous job you and your team have done to make my smile so beautiful and healthy. I have told so many people already how wonderful your facility and team is, and you can have the opportunity to have a small vacation to Budapest and forget about the teeth problems. Thank you for your excellent dental care.

Corinne Giguère

A brief thank you for the absolutely amazing smile you have given me. I came to you really depressed because of an accident to my teeth and I left your office smiling like never before. I cannot thank you enough for the great job you have done.

Maria Baumgartner

Since I was a teenager, I would not show my teeth when I smiled. My teeth were crooked and yellow. I envied other people who had nice, straight, white teeth. Now I love to show my teeth when I smile. Just last week my hairdresser commented how nice my teeth were looking. I cannot thank Dr. Schreiner enough, he and his team changed my life.

Johnny Shelton

I was so excited about the results of my smile lift, I was speechless. I still find it hard to believe that I am the owner of straight, white teeth. This has been a real boost to my self esteem. I highly recommend the FlyDent team, they did a great job. They will completely transform your smile and your life.

Margie Margie

You have done a wonderful job, I did not feel anything during the drilling and filling and the doctors explained everything they were doing. Everything went well and I had the rest of the day to visit the beautiful Budapest, thank you FlyDent for the nice job you have done.

Amanda Kerr

I have a history of bad teeth in the family and I was so embarrassed going to the dentist. But a friend told me about this clinic FlyDent in Budapest, he had an implant done there and he was very satisfied with the results. He had a hard time convincing me to go with him when he went back for a routine check after a year, but I can say I do not regret listening to him. Now I have my smile back and my sister will choose them too, as they are also cheaper than UK dentists.

Shawn Williams

I was embarrassed to smile, but you gave me back my smile and with it also my self–esteem, now I feel more confident about myself. The trip to your clinic also saved me $700 and gave me a nice opportunity to see Budapest. Thank you for making me feel good about myself again.