Zircon Crowns

In addition to the functional properties of zircon crowns, the aesthetic benefits also speak for this type of crown. Today we don’t just use crowns made of metal ceramic and porcelain; the material zircon also plays a crucial role in today’s modern dental medicine. For many years now, dental technicians have sought for a material that comes close to the natural appearance of teeth. Such a material was found in zircon.

Zircon crowns also offer the benefits in that they are very translucent and durable. The crowns have a zircon frame that can be adjusted to the present healthy teeth in color shade.


For whom are zircon crowns recommended?

  • Patients who would like to close a tooth gap in an aesthetic manner
  • Patients who are allergic to metal


Firm hold and affordable prices

A crown made of zircon is definitely the most expensive version of a dental replacement, but the numerous benefits shouldn’t be forgotten. With a zircon crown, you won’t just get very good stability, but also ensured, unlimited chewing and biting function after adjustment. But you can best be convinced by this material yourself; make a consultation appointment at our clinic.

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